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Welcome to the inportb wiki.
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The Wiki

About Categories Projects

A crash course on all kinds of crazy that is the inportb wiki.

The following categories encompass many of our pages.

  • Loldongs - funny (and mostly fictional) articles.
  • Serious - the rare non-funny, educational or interesting pages.
  • Pok√©mon - originally a project but has since outgrown into a category of its own.
  • Help - technically a subcategory of the Serious category but useful enough to be listed here.

Many users have their own projects which they detail or journal on the wiki.

  • Meta - An attempt to codify style and writing guidelines for the wiki.
  • Omegle research - The information which lead to the creation of #inportb's IRC channel and it's predecessors as Omegler breeding grounds.



  • While we make no attempt to be a general purpose wiki, we wish to make no attempt to stifle creation of original content. Although many of these are linked to other pages, a more comprehensive directory of them was created.
  • The articles here are not typically written in a serious nature, and virtually all of them blend satire, absurdity, and a complex network of inside jokes. Strikethroughs are not funny, do not abuse them. Using them too much shows poor originality and little imagination on your part. Please attempt to use more sophisticated humor.
  • When trying to be humorous, it is not necessary that the articles are internally nor externally consistent. For example, one article can directly contradict another, and an article can even contradict itself, perhaps numerous times. Do not attempt to stifle humor for the sake of consistency.
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